Pokemon Battle Insights

Battle Insights for Pokemon

An app that provides you with useful insights into your and your opponents Pokemon--in real time. Supports Generation 6.

Our app gives you simplified information about you and your opponents Pokemon whether you're in a single, double or triple battle! You'll see the pokemon's types, their resistances and weaknesses (colour coded to display they relate to your own battle), Pokemon base stats and ability information all in one place!

No more multiple searches using Serebii or Smogon!

Designed to aid people who are beginners in competitive battling, to learn type advantages, abilities. Whether to use physical or special attack moves against the opponent or to switch out.

Of course if you are a seasoned battler you can use this app too, to give you an edge without having to worry about making mistakes, because everyone makes them!

This is just the start, stick around for plenty of more exciting features to help you and your team!

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